three cookies explore…

9 Apr

We recently purchased some patio furniture for our enclosed patio.  Definitely needed and we are slowly saving up to make our home more enjoyable and do some home improvement.   We cleaned up our patio some thanks to my amazing husband.  We power washed it and did some other improvements thanks to my parents help over the last few months.

We allow our kittens to explore when we are out there with them.  We would never leave them out there alone as the screen has a few tiny holes in it for lizards to get in.  They couldn’t escape unless they tried and I doubt they would but better safe than sorry with our family.

cuddles with Dad!

We will obviously add more over time but it is super nice to have a seating area and now that there is furniture out there the kittens are so much more comfortable! Probably since it feels more like a room inside than outside.

We spent about two to three hours out there today with our cats with them chasing lizards and occasionally getting in trouble for trying to eat the plant we have out there, but as long we supervise they are happy!


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