good communication…

4 Apr

I recently had a two hour long phone conversation with a friend.  And I have to say, I enjoyed every minute, although I know it’s been a long time since I have had a phone conversation that long and it wasn’t related to work.  This got me thinking… (as do many other conversations) that communication is so important. Especially clear communication.

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and yes this has nothing to do with the blog except it entertained me!

My husband and I have had lots of conversations since we started dating.  What is our next step? When do we want kids? What would we do if _______ situation happened? What if I got offered a job in _________ state? Those are many conversations we’ve covered.  Although most of it we’ve realized, we will decide if some of those situations happened.  Some are more likely to than others (kids vs. moving states) or at least that’s how it seems right now, but we have gotten so much better at our communication and how important it makes things!

We know that we want to get our finances better so we talk about buying every little cent.  In no means are we in trouble, but we do have a lot of home improvement projects we want to save up for.  So even something as minor as “hey I want to buy a soda” we discuss. It may seem stupid and for minor things it is more of an inform versus a question.  However, we still ask. And since we are on the same wavelength about our spending habits it helps!

No matter how minor it may be its just something random I have learned so far in our marriage. I hope I never forget it.


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