3 Apr

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So many little things to be thankful for lately! I have my first two days off in about a month.  It will be a smaller paycheck but I am glad for the time to rest! I feel a bit refreshed. It was great spending time with my husband yesterday.  We basically just hung around the house.  We had some toilets to fix!  One at our house and one at my parents.  We also went to the library.  I never realized how many people hang out at the library during the day!  Definitely a good way to save money though.

One thing that has become our habit daily is going to hang out in our hammock.  Sometimes we just stare at the stars or talk about random things.  Yesterday we took our books out and read for awhile.  It’s nice to be curled up and relaxed in something my amazing husband made for us!

The picture above is not our view but its gorgeous just the same!

Its nice to have another great place and it’s nice to make our house more so of a home!  We also rearranged some things and hung up a mirror.  Nice to add more little touches of home to our house!

our new mirror and we moved our pictures over to the other wall!

It’s nice to be slowly adding things! I ordered some patio furniture with some birthday money so we will add that to our patio and have new great places for the kittens to hang out.  Supervised, of course!

Other than that, our life is pretty much boring.  Just loving each other, being grateful for each day which is a blessing we get together.


2 Responses to “blessing…”

  1. Hope April 3, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    Life is never boring when you have someone to love and that someone loves you back. 🙂

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