starting over again…

10 Mar

It seems like life is in a pattern for my husband and I.  We get everything lined up where we get to spend lots of time together, and then it goes into a big chunk of time that we never get to see much of each other.  It will repeat like this for months at a time and then it will switch to where we get tons of time together.  I personally, love the lots of time together part, but at least through the rough parts, I remember that there have always been good periods following.  And even if we don’t get to see a lot of each other, our relationship is solid. No doubts. No worries.  It’s so nice!  It’s nice to have that tiny bit of trust. It makes it easier.

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In other news, after multiple days of me telling myself that I need to run after work.  Just something to get back into the swing of things, as I’ve made great starts in running, but not long enough to form a habit again and then I get off track.  However, tonight, I finally ran again! Woot!  It’s just a tiny step and I didn’t want to devote more than 20 minutes to it as I am not feeling the best.  I’m not sick, but I’ve been teetering on the ledge with trying not to get sick, but not feeling the best and I don’t want to ruin it.  Wow was that a run on sentence! Oh well.  Too lazy to correct it so my apologies.

Speaking of habits? Hopefully I will get in the swing of updating this from time to time again.  It seems like every so often I have surges of writing and then I don’t blog for awhile.  Oh well, I suppose that it’s life.  This entry is all about patterns and cycles, without me even realizing it until now.

Well, I have to go switch some laundry and then I am curling up with a book.  I have a new series addiction lately and I’m getting near the end.  So entertaining! Must keep reading!


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