3 years…

4 Mar

Yesterday was the husband’s and mine’s three year Wedding Anniversary.  We didn’t have any exciting plans. We had talked about a cruise, but we want to focus on house stuff.  We have lots of projects and we just need to save up some money so we have the ability to do these projects.

one of our amazing wedding pictures

However, we had an amazing day together. The husband suggested we go to Blizzard Beach as it was supposed to be near 90.  A nice cheap day for us! So we did.  We went and just relaxed.  We went around the lazy river a few times, went on a few slides, had lunch, and walked around.  All and all a fun simple day! It was nice to relax and have some fun.

We went for dinner to Bongos at Downtown Disney.  Last time I was there, it didn’t have the annoying vibe of “i’m going to act like a night club even though I’m a restaurant” vibe. However, it was super loud.  We definitely won’t be going back as the food wasn’t that good.  No matter what we did though, I’m glad we were together! As that’s what really matters.

Since three seems to be our number, I’m sure this third year of marriage will be amazing, or at least that’s the hope I have for it.  I may be a bit superstitious, but it just seems like a good thing to hope for.  After all, if you never hope, things never work out the way you want them to!


2 Responses to “3 years…”

  1. Hope March 5, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    I’m glad you guys had a great Anniversary together!

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