Valentine’s Day Recap 2012….

19 Feb

I used to work in a floral department so I’ve never really celebrated Valentine’s Day.  I refuse to let my husband buy me flowers as he will just overpay.  So we never really do gifts or anything.  We made lunch plans at the Plaza at Magic Kingdom as my husband has only ever eaten there alone.  Other than that, we had no plans.  The night before the husband told me he wanted to get up and make me breakfast in the morning.   It was my only day off to sleep in so I readily agreed.

The next morning I heard my amazing husband ask me how pancakes sounds.  I agreed and rolled over to go back to sleep since he was more than willing to make breakfast.   My amazing husband walked in carrying breakfast which my nose had woken me up for!

My husband called them “I love you pancakes” and turkey bacon.  So delicious! I was staring at the masterpiece he created and he suddenly pulled out a jewelry store bag and goes, “Happy Valentine’s Day Wifey!”  I stared at him completely stunned unsure what to do.  We had agreed on no presents, and he pulled out out from the corner right near our bed.  “How did I miss that?” was what I was thinking.  Once I regained my ability to speak I said, “Hubby! We agreed no presents!” He just stood smiling at me.

Inside was  a beautiful heart shaped necklace.  We had discussed my wanting for a silver necklace since I can wear jewelry to work for the time being. We had also discussed us going to look together, not spending too much and maybe for  our anniversary?  However, I loved it.  He was very happy with himself since I didn’t find the bag or notice it on our credit card statement since I pay the majority of the bills.  Surprised I was! I was even happier when he told me it’s not much, he will always buy me a nicer one in a few years, but he knows we are really watching our money right now to save up for house fixings!  I was thrilled that he not only surprised me but was considerate enough and knows me well enough that I will worry if a lot of money is spent on myself!

Thrilled with my husband and my new necklace, off we went to Magic Kingdom! We road a few rides, said Hi to a new friends, and tried out Sorcerer’s of Magic Kingdom.  All and all, an amazing day!

our banana split from lunch! delicious!



One Response to “Valentine’s Day Recap 2012….”

  1. Hope February 22, 2012 at 6:45 pm #

    Those pancakes look amazing! I’m glad he surprised you and that you spent time together.

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