Fixing up our home…

14 Feb

It’s hard to believe, but last year the husband and I were searching for our home!  This year, we are slowly fixing it up.  A lot slower than we planned, but that’s how life is! Bumps get in the way that take your money away and you spend it on other things (like my concussion), but that’s okay!

I am so thankful we have a home that we can fix up. It’s just about those blessings.  The husband came to me a few days ago with an idea to make our pantry better.  The shelves in it are tiny and made for clothes closets.  He discovered some shelving that are made for pantries.  Closer together and wider. We had 24 inches of space to play with.  These were 20 inches.  My first thought was that we should clean it out first as it is a mess, but I thought about it for a bit and I realized that was a stupid idea. Why not just add the new shelves?  So, off the husband went to home depot, secured the shelving.

Today, we have some amazing new shelving! (Have I mentioned how amazing it is my husband tackles projects like this?)  Yes, it’s not the air conditioner, water heater, windows,  or paint that we are saving up for, but its definitely a little step to make things better!

our new pantry in the making!


One Response to “Fixing up our home…”

  1. Hope February 14, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    Looks great! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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