lazy mornings…

10 Feb

The plan was for me to get up at a reasonable hour and run 2 miles on the treadmill this morning.  That was the plan.  How did the day go?

Husband got up at 5:15. I was still dozing. My alarm was set for 8am.  However, I never really fell back asleep.  Between kittens coming to walk on me to get petted or curling up with me for warmth, I just never really went back to sleep. Fast forward to 7:45, 15 minutes until my alarm is supposed to go off and I changed it t0 9am.  I had  headache by this point and just couldn’t force myself to get up when I had two cats curled up with me.

something like this...

So Oreo, Butterscotch, and Snickerdoodle won this morning.  I stayed in bed as I watched/listened to Butters hunt birds outside the window, and the girls took turns holding me down and getting in some extra cuddles before work.

Not like I planned, but I don’t feel too guilty as I can always get up and run tomorrow (although it will be an earlier wake-up cal for me) or I can get in some extra runs on my weekend.  Sometimes it’s just important to get in some extra cuddles.  If only the husband had been there also.


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