fast foward…

19 Jan

Well, well, well, exciting changes in the next few weeks! First up, I completed today day 2 of 8 off work.  I think I can make it, as the end is five days off.  However, I have a very nasty sinus infection right now that is kicking my butt.

Ah! So cute, I couldn’t resist.  I’ve been making it to work, but I am not sure how long I will last.  I’m juggling antibiotics and other things to help it, but I hope it goes away soon as next week we are going to visit the husband’s family!

Well, they are my family too, but we owe them a visit since we couldn’t make it there last year due to closing on our house.  It should be a fun few days.  Best of all, we will be together, as we really enjoy our time together.  Before we leave though, my parents are finally coming for a long over-due visit! I haven’t seen them since October which is a long time for us since their December trip had to be cancelled.  I’m thankful that my Dad seems to be healthy enough to come, but my Mom has informed him that she’s going with or without him.  It made me laugh, but I really hope I get to see them both soon!

After family visit, I am starting a new exciting temporary role! I hope it turns into a longer than a temporary thing, but so excited to start a new opportunity.  I just hope I excel at it and it’s perfect for me and for everyone there! *fingers crossed*  The main thing is, in order to do all that I need this infection to go away.

I’ve been bumping up my vitamin C intake and eating healthy, but I am starting to get annoyed with my immune system this winter. It’s always been weak, but I’m getting tired of sniffling!  Oh well, at least I am alive and kickin’! That is something to be very thankful for.  That, and all the amazing opportunities that have come my way lately.


One Response to “fast foward…”

  1. Princess Christy January 23, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    I hope you get healthy! It seems like you are always fighting something, and I know from experience it’s no fun. Good luck and have fun with all of your family visits!

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