Chobani love…

14 Jan

One of the things I’ve realized about myself is that I can become addicted to certain products that are oh so good!  One of these products that I’ve fallen in love with the past year is Chobani Greek Yogurt.   I discovered Chobani through a Hungry Girl newsletter and it’s two ingredient cakes.  When I went shopping for the plain yogurt, I picked up a strawberry just to try (after all, you can’t mess up strawberry), and I soon fell in love.

Pomegranate, pineapple, and mango soon became my favorite three flavors with the rest of them not far behind at all.  What I love most about Chobani is how full a cup will make me feel.  It’s great for a mid morning or afternoon snack to stop the attack of the munchies.

Imagine how thrilled I was when Chobani announced three new flavors: apple cinnamon, blood orange, and passion fruit!

”]Can you say Yum, Mmm, and Yay! I was most excited about passion fruit after my previous Hawaiian vacation and can I ust saw Yum that flavor! So delicious! So tart, and it soon started competing for one of my favorites (or I can just have four favorites).

The next day, I tried blood orange.  This is the one I was probably least excited about.  I don’t like orange creme.  Most orange yogurts taste like an orange creamsicle.  Mmm.  Well, wasn’t I surprised when all I tasted was orange? Finally an orange yogurt I can eat!

Today I tried the apple cinnamon and I was just as thrilled.  In my head I was thinking, apple yogurt? Riiiigght.  What was my reaction? Pure yum!  It tasted like warm cinnamon apples but cold, but oh so delicious and better.  I found myself slowing down, not eating as big of spoonfuls just to make it last longer.

So anyone who eats yogurt, even if you don’t like Greek yogurt, try them! They really are…



PS! There’s a great giveaway of Chobani on Health Freak College Girl‘s blog. Check it out!

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