Cheap Date Night Returns…

9 Jan

Last year, I blogged about a romantic cheap date night at Bok Tower gardens for their Moonlight Carillon Concerts.  Well, this year, we went back!  The first moonlight concert was this past Saturday, January 7th.  There are three more this year, all on Saturday nights (unlike last year where it changed days of the week).  They are February 4th and April 3rd, 2012 with a special mix and mingle to celebrate the International Carillon Festival on March 6th.

credit: just click on image, will take you to site

It’s a super romantic date night where all you need is a blanket or some chairs to enjoy the night.  This time, we ran into some friends on our way in and had so much fun enjoying the concert together!

us on our blanket. Thanks Joe!

It was loads of fun to enjoy the music with some great friends and great weather.  (Don’t pay attention to the winter coat I was wearing, I’ve been cold for weeks!)

I highly recommend anyone visiting or near the central Florida area visit Bok Tower.  First time visitors, you should go during the day to see the beautiful gardens.  It’s not super expensive ($12 per person) and you need to walk around and see the amazing beauty.  We’ve been there three times during the day and this was our third concert at night.  However, for those of you that have been, or just want a romantic date night for cheap, go to a concert! It’s half price admission after 5pm.  If you want the cafe is open for a light dinner. It serves amazing salads, soups, and sandwiches priced between four and nine dollars a piece!  I love their honey-lime salad dressing!  You can’t get a better unique date or two for under $30 dollars if you eat there or under $15 if you don’t.  So go, enjoy the night, and have some fun!

PS. This Night Hike is an upcoming event they have that interest us, so expect another blog post soon if we can make it!


One Response to “Cheap Date Night Returns…”

  1. Hope January 9, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    I wish something like this existed here. Parking fees alone take a huge bite out of the date night budget so it’s cheaper to stay home altogether. This sounds lovely though and I’m glad you got to this again this year.

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