it’s the little things…

6 Jan

This week I am slowly adjusting to a more normal schedule.  Well, at least normal for us. As in, how it was before the holidays. Although, my husband and I were spoiled the last few weeks. He ended up with a lot of opening shifts, which meant I was always heading home to him.  I loved that.  It’s so nice to see each other every day for more than five minutes.  We don’t always get that lucky.  Yesterday, was back to our not seeing each other unless one of us is asleep.  However, he still manages to make me smile every day.  However, that’s for a different blog full of mushiness.

I worked this morning, and seem to be battling the same sinus issue as my husband. (Read between the lines: he got me sick.)  So I came home and planned for a lazy night full of vitamin C.  I made a comfort casserole (as I’ve now named it, it’s a casserole I make with a bunch of to me, comfort foods and tastes), and curled up on the couch minus the laundry that needed to be done.  I had plenty of entertainment as I had three adorable kittens that wanted to all curl up on me and get petted.   I grabbed one of my library books  )Italian for Beginners by Kristin Harmel) that I was planning on loosing myself in, but I was trying to find something on tv for background noise as I drank my smoothie.  However, I never made it to my book, as I decided to watch a movie that I had DVRed when we had a free preview of a movie channel – Change of Habit.

I fell in love! I have long been an Elvis fan, but I had never really watched him in any film.  This was apparently his last feature film he did, and I can’t wait to see more. He just looks so happy in part of it, that it really is a great pick me up.  Also, I got to hear some great Elvis tunes!

It was great to fall in love with something so simple again.  I guess in some ways, it’s really nice to take a look at the little things that make us smile.  Or I am just super happy that this old movie let me hear some Elvis music I had never heard, including one of my new favorite songs. Even though it is from the movie, I love it!  It’s amazing how the little things can make you happy.

One Response to “it’s the little things…”

  1. Hope January 8, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    So cool! I haven’t seen this movie. Thanks for the tip! 😉

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