Another year in review…

31 Dec

I find myself writing this on the last day of 2011.  However, no clue if it will get posted today or a few days later.  I have been so busy lately, but like many others towards the end of the year, I always think of the year past and review it.

  It was an amazing year.  Each year is a gift, so no matter what happened there were some pretty amazing points besides all the negative that happened.  So this will focus on all the positive.  As life is a series of events where you learn from any negative situation and makewhat you can of it!


my first half marathon medal

January was such an amazing month and it started out with a bang – running my first half marathon and receiving my first medal!  It was super exciting and such a great accomplishment to just finish the race.  It led way to our coast to coast medals in September.  Also, another accomplishment because I’ve always wanted to run a marathon.  I never said all at once, and if my knee or I never get into the shape for it, I feel like I can check it off as I successfully ran two half marathons in a year!

all dressed up for Victoria's and Albert's!

March was our two year wedding anniversary.  We ate at Victoria’s and Albert’s.  It was such a splurge but so worth it.  It was so delicious and great food.  Even the coffee. Both my husband and I agreed that it is something that we must do again.  It was great to experience it together and to celebrate our two years of being married.  I can’t believe in just the four years I’ve known him how much we’ve grown and how much we’ve overcome.  Every test that comes to us, I just know that he loves me and I love him.  We are still learning as we go, but any bump we hit, we communicate and tackle it together.  I am so thankful to have him as my husband.  I love him with all my heart and am so lucky to have him.

our first home together!

The summer went by quickly as we bought our first house and moved in!  It was a great adventure working on it with some great friends and family.  It still needs some work and I know it will for years to come.  It was great to move the kittens home and help get them adjusted and just explore.  It’s nice to know how much they trust us and for us to see the work we needed to do to help them adjust!  However, I am proud of us and enjoying our experience together.

Aulani Lobby

We barely had time to adjust into our new house before we flew off on a vacation of a lifetime to California (running the half marathon and Disneyland fun), and then off to Hawaii to visit Aulani! So gorgeous! So fun! Such amazing adventures where we learned to surf and explored the gorgeous resort!  We are still trying to work to get our lamp that we wanted but had such an amazing time and really enjoyed the relaxing three week fun we had!  I am so thankful for the experience and can’t wait to go back and explore even more of Hawaii!

The end of the year was mainly work.  Nothing too exciting.  We are still loving our house and loving time together. Our little family of five.   Even if a concussion or an illness will try to get in the way, it won’t get us down!  So yes, 2011, you threw some stuff at us, but I feel we hit a few home runs between the times we missed.  I can’t wait to see what experiences and adventures 2012 brings us.

So for anyone reading this, Happy New Year! Let’s see what the new year brings!

hopefully not this... 🙂


One Response to “Another year in review…”

  1. Hope January 3, 2012 at 1:54 am #

    Happy New Year! I hope you two have many more adventures this year!

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