26 Dec

Last night we went out to dinner with our roommate for Christmas Day.  It wasn’t the best meal ever.  Columbia had its faults this year and we may not return next year.  However, we got on a bunch of random conversations.  A lot of them pertaining to the past.

Holidays have a way of doing that to you though.  When Christmas comes around you often remember what your traditions were as a kid.  Mine was filled with family activities, however, since I moved away, I am unable to partake in many of those activities as an adult.  Although many years, I just wish I could pop in for a few hours just to experience those family fun things again!

Then we talked somewhat about the past year.  We thought of when some of my husbands friends came to visit in March, when we first ended up getting together, who quickly supported our relationship and who turned their backs.  It’s okay.  There are no hard feelings towards the past, but it just makes me wonder about why somethings don’t work out.  I know I am exactly where I need to be.  I would have never imagined ending up here, but I easily ended up in my happily-ever-after. I am so grateful for that no matter what got both my husband and I to this point.

We both have a history. He’s been divorced, I was almost married.  There have been ups and downs.  Good things and some pretty awful bad things.  However, the important thing is that somehow we ended up together.

Of course we always love looking into people from our past just to see how they are doing.  Most of it is to wish they were doing well as even though we are no longer friends, I don’t wish any bad feelings on most people that I have ever met.  Facebook has basically become a way of being that tool to follow people you may not necessarily be close to anymore, but were at one point in your life.

So yes, this holday season may have made me a bit sad as I thought of memories from the past, but also super excited for memories of the future.


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