Unusual Holiday Traditions…

19 Dec

typical holiday tradition

Most holiday seasons it is time to spend with family and go through the traditions of meals and parties with friends and families. The fact that we live far away from any blood relatives makes our holidays a bit more unusual.  We come up with our own traditions.  Part of it may have to do to the fact that it is the two of us without any kids, although, sometimes our friends (who are our family) join in!

Since our first holiday season together, my husband and I have created some pretty creative traditions.

Of course we go to the parks, which I mentioned in a earlier post.  However, I am talking about what we do on the actual days of December 24th, 25th, and 31st that the world makes seem important.  Well, we start our Christmas Eve with a nice meal from Checkers.  Yes, you read that right.  Fast food for dinner!  It started the first year we were dating.  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed although super happy due to a recent life change, and I had never experienced Checkers.  So, my amazing hubby suggested we try it that Christmas Eve! Now, every December 24th, we go for some fast food!  Crazy, yet something that is uniquely us!

Of course we have jobs where we work the holidays.  We have been very fortunate the last few years that we have always found a way to continue our traditions.  Even if that means just one of us going to grab the food, we find a way to enjoy our fun!

Our December 25th tradition is a different sort of creative meal.  Columbia Restaurant is a chain in Florida that is super delicious (if you ever get a chance to try it! Love the 1905 salad)!  It is my Dad’s favorite place to come visit when he comes to Florida, and one day they hope to join us for our Christmas celebration!  They have special Columbian and American type holiday fare, but also offer their full dinner menu!  Totally delicious and a lot of fun.  We celebrate our year and our time together with a pitcher of sangria and a lot of delicious food!  This year, we are both off in time to go again and have invited our roommates with us!  We also may see if there’s anyone else who doesn’t have holiday plans who wants to join, as it’s always a lot of fun.

Lastly, our tradition on December 31st isn’t going to some crazy party, we normally have a low-key evening at home.  This may stem from the fact that we are a boring married couple (a lot of nights due to working so early the day of and the day after we are in bed long before midnight, set an alarm to wake up for all the “happy new years” phone calls and texts we receive and then go back to bed as we have an early morning) or the fact that I stayed home most nights when I was younger, but we do have a tiny tradition.  What is it? Chinese food!  We normally end up with a free soup or appetizer from the chain we order from (who knew?).  And we celebrate watching some tv with some yummy food.

They may not be super exciting, but we love them.  They have been a repeat of what we do year after year, and we enjoy our time together.  Unusual they may be, but they are our holiday.


Do you have any unique holiday traditions?



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