Holiday Date Night…

17 Dec

After being stuck in the house for the last few weeks, it’s amazing to finally be able to get out and do some stuff.  However, I very easily over did it on our last weekend.  Since I started to feel better, I took advantage of getting stuff done.  I cleaned in the morning and then my husband and I went out for a holiday date night!

What else to do on a limited budget but go explore the Holidays at Walt Disney World? We started our adventure at the Polynesian. It holds a special place in our heart since we got married there.  After seeing the decorations there, we went over to the Grand Floridian to see the amazing Gingerbread house and their tree!

Grand Floridian Gingerbread House

The front porches had fainting couches on the house this year.  Definitely entertaining, as even though it stays the same each year, it’s always great to see the slight changes and the tradition – The Chimney smoke, the little hidden mickeys, etc.  So it is always great to see!  However, I forgot to mention we did eat at Gasperilla their quick service spot.  We love it! My normal is grilled cheese and cucumber salad, however, this time, I sprung for a Ruben hot dog.  It was the first thing I tried there and is definitely delicious if you have never tried it!

Grand Floridian Tree


After we went through Basin (another great shop), we headed off to Magic Kingdom as we were going to be just in time for Cinderella’s Holiday Wish.  Ever since they started the castle lights, we try every year to go see them. It’s simply magic.  Even if we don’t make it to the show every year, we always try to go see them together.

Castle Lights!

It is breath taking no matter how many times you see it!  After a quick discussion about the fact that my concussion is not healed yet, we decided to head to our next stop (as much as I wanted to ride Thunder Mountain).  We drove over and parked at the Beach Club to go see some of their great holiday decorations.  Each year we try to go see their carousel made out of gingerbread.  It’s a quick stop, but worth to go see it.


Gingerbread Carousel

After the Gingerbread Carousel, we walked over to Epcot and did some Christmas shopping, along with a quick ride on Spaceship Earth!  It was probably a bit still too intense for me with a concussion (at this point, I was exhausted and getting a headache), but fun!  We waited to see the Illuminations Holiday Tag!  It is currently, my favorite ending to any fireworks show.  We met up with some friends, and watched the fireworks.  I sat for it, but it was just as amazing as always.  We parted ways with our friends and then went to the Boardwalk to see a new edition made of Gingerbread this year featuring Stitch!

Stitch is cooking duck...

All and all, I really did enjoy our date night, as we definitely have not seen much of each other this week.  We ended up working opposite shifts, and while this does seem to be happening slightly less, there is still way too much of it happening.  Hopefully, we will be able to figure this out someday, but as for right now, we just have to deal with it.  It does make our time together more precious, but we could always use more time together.




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