say hello to Cletus…

6 Dec

Who is Cletus? The result of five days of bed rest due to the concussion. I named it. Yup, I named my concussion Cletus.  Why? Well, it seemed like a great idea, and it helps with the boredom to entertain yourself, and I have an amazing imagination!

So Cletus and I are adjusting.  However, he invited a sinus infection to take up residency in my head, so at times, it’s hard to figure out what pains are from Cletus and what is from my sinus infection. So, once again, my week is very exciting.

Yep, about this exciting.

I have returned to work.  It’s been tough. First day back was fairly decent, but it wore me out so much for the second so it was kinda miserable.  The third day back wasn’t the best either.  The forth day we had a team outing, and we ended up doing an Amazing Race style event throughout the property, three parks and some resorts.  It was a lot of fun, and my team won! That definitely made it a bit more fun, but I made my team go super fast and was blamed for their pain,  but I think it was worth it in the end. It was very entertaining, but not good for Cletus. Cletus, doesn’t like brain puzzles, and it was full of some brain puzzles.

Today, I had a day off.  Full of rest, as my amazing husband told me that I was required to not move again.  He made me breakfast in bed, lunch and dinner with me on the couch, and just all sorts of relaxation and fluids for me.  We are hoping to kick my sinus infection now that I have antibiotics for it, and once it’s gone, I am hoping that Cletus disappears with the infection!

Although in the end, I will miss Cletus, but at least I have something to blame whenever I do something dumb blonde-like.


What do you do when you are stuck at home?

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