tales of a concussion…

28 Nov

I am probably one of the only people on the face of this earth with special talent.  Thursday night (yes, Thanksgiving night), I got home from work sometime after 10pm.  I went to the fridge to look for food.  Miss Oreo hadn’t seen me yet, so right after I opened our fridge, she was climbing up my leg to get attention. I bent down to pick her up and as I stood back up with her, I banged my head on the inside of the fridge hard.  I went fuzzy for a second and the bump immediately started bleeding a tiny bit and then swelled.


It hurt, but I figured it would be sore for a day or two and then I would be fine.  So I went to sleep shortly after since I had to get up early the next morning.  I told my husband to check on me since he was working until after midnight, and I went to sleep.  The next morning I woke up, and my head still hurt a lot.  It was a bit fuzzy when I tired to do certain tasks, but I figured I was just tired since I only got about four hours of sleep, right?

Went to work, it was fun, got home, and relaxed the rest of the day as I was super tired.  Went to bed, got up, and went to work again.  I was still feeling fuzzy, and I have had a constant headache since I hit my head.  Once I got home, I was still feeling dizzy, and just not feeling the best.  Once my husband got home, he was worried, so he decided to after consulting with some of his family to take me to the emergency room.  I was protesting as I didn’t want them to just tell me that I was fine, and to get over it.

Well, we decided to go to Celebration Health.  He went there a few years ago for kidney stones. He didn’t have the best experience, but it is close to my parents house in case I ended up having to stay overnight, he could sleep there.  Also, it’s nicer than the hospital closest to us and its only slightly farther away.  So we drove and saw that the recent refurbishments make the ER valet parking only.  Free valet parking, but still? For an emergency room?  That was interesting and the start of our semi-entertaining adventure!

We went inside and waited to check in.  The lobby concierge (no joke) asked me what my symptoms were, I explained I hit my head a few days ago and was dizzy, had neck pain, headache, etc, and I was given a wheelchair.  We checked in and then went to the waiting area.  Within fifteen minutes I was in a private ER room, in a hospital gown, and my tests started.  I was asked the day of the week (Saturday, but it took me forever to remember), the month (November, got that one!), and the vice president (apparently, I am one of the few that gets that one correct).  After that, I had to do a bunch of balance tests and follow a light which, I failed.  They decided to do a CT scan to make sure I wasn’t bleeding in my brain internally, and they came to take my blood pressure.

Your brain has chemicals that are supposed to stay outside the brain and some that are supposed to stay inside.  When you hit your head really hard, you basically give your brain whiplash forcing the outside chemicals in, and the inside ones out.  It can take a few weeks to get your brain to reorganize everything so it’s back to normally. That is what happens if you hit your head hard enough to give yourself a concussion.  Lying down is one of the best things for a concussion as your brain goes into overdrive trying to fix itself.  When you try to do anything else, it takes away from fixing the chemicals, and gives you the fuzzy, dizzy feeling.  Well, lying down my blood pressure was fun.  Sitting, it was decent, but standing up, I was setting off alarms on the machine since it was too much for my brain to handle.  Apparently I should have been resting the last couple days. Whoops! Who knew!

Also, they asked me multiple times what I did. Making sure my story stayed the same every single time.  The first couple times, they glared at my poor husband, who was sitting next to me holding my hand and worrying.  Poor guy, they assumed he beat me, and kept asking me the story, with him or without him as to what happened.  About halfway through our visit (we were only there about two and a half hours), they finally decided he doesn’t beat me, and they stopped asking.  Also the dirty looks stopped.  I suppose that they have to do these questions, but I felt really bad for my husband who was very worried and was given dirty looks. (Also, my story is kinda out there, I mean, I did it to myself, but it’s the truth!)

Off to my CT scan, which it is freezing in the waiting area (even though it is beach themed).  Celebration Health has the scan castle, a CT machine shaped like a sand castle. It’s cute, but the whole experience made me really nauseated.

the scan castle

Waited for the results, and they gave me a vicodin to help with the pain.  I was most thankful for that as it FINALLY cleared up my headache since Wednesday.  However, it’s not the best for a concussion.  Ibuprofen helps the most without really confusing your brain, so they want you to try and just stick with that if ever at all possible.   They came to take my blood pressure again, and I failed the standing one again.  They got my results for the CT, and my brain wasn’t bleeding, but there was something where I hit my head.  Definite concussion.  Funny thing is, I’ve been joking for two days that I had a concussion, and whenever I mixed up my words, I joked I had a concussion, well, turns out I do! A pretty bad one at that.  The best thing for it is bed rest.  I was offered an IV with fluids that would help me a bit, or just go home.  I picked to just go home as the IV fluids are only a temporary fix, and I was feeling pretty nice from my vicodin.

We got through checkout, and paid my copay, and waited for the valet.  Took forever, and we stopped at walmart to get me motrin.  Luckily I was drugged, as I normally avoid walmart with a passion.  I randomly wandered the store and picked up bananas and cookies along with my drugs, and then waited for my husband to drive me home.

I was told to bed rest as much as possible and take it easy.  So, yesterday I did not get up except to go to the bathroom, thanks, to my amazing husband.  He got me everything I needed (although I just keep eating those damn cookies since I got hit), and I really enjoyed my day with him.  I am so thankful he decided to stay home and help me.  We watched a few movies, and I slept for most of the day.  This morning, he went to work. I could have guilt him into staying home which would have probably been best for me, but he hates calling in, and he did to take care of me yesterday, so he’s off. Today, I fend for myself! If I’m laying down, I’m fine, I feel better than I have in days, but as soon as I get up, ow. Here comes the headache back! However, I am breaking out of the house tonight to go see Muppets.

So yes, just so you know world, it is possible to give yourself a concussion. That really is a new type of winning!


One Response to “tales of a concussion…”

  1. Hope November 29, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

    I’m glad you’re doing better and that it was nothing life-threatening. Be careful though! Your story reminded me of the episode of “I Love Lucy” where she got the black eye and everyone assumed Ricky beat her, but really he threw a book at her and she caught it with her face. LOL

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