home for the holidays…

21 Nov

Moving far away from home for the holidays, my husband and I always try to make our holidays special.  Although, working on those holidays always leave you feel a bit sad and lonely, but whenever we do celebrate we attempt to make it exciting, fun, or just plain happy.  It’s not always successful, but we are always most thankful about spending it together or with people we love.

Today, we are celebrating Thanksgiving.  At least with the big semi traditional meal.  Being just the two of us, its not much. I end up making turkey, pumpkin pie, some veggies, potatoes, and wa-la, it’s done!  Nothing too exciting.  At least a little bit though of reminders of what we used to have growing up.  It should be fun.  So today on my first Monday off in awhile, it’s a run, cleaning, and making Thanksgiving. And making our FIRST Thanksgiving in our home special.  If only we had a dining room table.

What are your Monday plans?


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