living in a fantasy world…

15 Nov

Well, I am writing this at the end of our four day weekend or as I previously called it, our “staycation.”  It was fun. We did get some things done.  We got our garaged organized, saw one of our roommates move out so we cleaned  up his room for someone new to move in, got some stuff put away from our dinng room (the dumping ground for our new house), went to the Science Center to celebrate husband’s birthday, bought a table for our entryway, went to Melting Pot to also celebrate hubby’s birthday, cuddled, watched DVR, got our library cards and checked out our local library, went to see the Osborne Lights, and a LOT of other things! It was a good four days.

However, I am sad.  I am so thankful for these days. I love spending time with my husband. We are meant to be together and it doesn’t matter what we do, we can just have fun together doing what we feel like doing even if it’s playing video games or reading a book.  So its sad that we don’t always get time together due to our work schedules.

Due to a new bid, our days off are swapping so we only have one together a week.  We are thankful for the one day a week, but since we got our first schedule for the week that our new days went into affect, we realize how little we will actually see each other.  For example, Thanksgiving? Won’t see him at all.  I will have to be asleep for work the next day by the time he gets home.  That depresses me.  Yes, it doesn’t matter, as what makes the Holiday is not when you celebrate it, but who you celebrate it with, so we will celebrate Thanksgiving a few days before to be thankful for our amazing life together, but on the actual holiday, I always end up feeling a bit sad.  It’s our choice. We decided to work for who we work for and that means we don’t always get to spend our holidays together.  One of these years, I do want to have a NORMAL holiday on the holiday. That’s all I want, but even then, we aren’t with our families because we are starting our own.  It’s hard to start traditions or develop our new normal together, but it is difficult.  It seems like its going to  be a tough season emotional-wise, as we may not see each other tons.  Maybe one of these years I will get used to it.

I am so thankful we are together and so thankful that we do get the time we do, but it’s always hard to adjust to time apart.

I swear my black cloud will eventually disappear...

In happier news, it was really great checking out our local library.  It has a huge collection of DVDs, Cds, books, and a lot of great perks.  We will definitely be taking advantage of it now that we officially have our library cards!  It’s a great way to save money, but have fun!


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