11 Nov

I am officially on a four day weekend!!!!  This feels really great to write.  I adjusted rather well back from vacation a few months ago.  However, it feels really great to have this spur of the moment break.  We don’t have anything planned, which is rare for our lifestyle, but it is AMAZING to have four days to do with whatever we please.

For example we may…

  • go to the Orlando Science Center to celebrate my Hubby’s birthday
  • go to melting pot to also celebrate Hubby’s birthday
  • park hop to see some of the christmas stuff
  • go to hilton head in south carolina
  • reorganize our garage (I’m convinced we can fit more on the shelves!)
  • spend time cuddling with the kittens
  • go back to Aulani
  • catch up on DVR stuff
  • go to Bok Tower
  • go to Pop or Contemporary and play arcade games to get tickets for completely random prizes
  • board game night (if it happens)

Or anything else we come up with!  It will really be nice to relax and hopefully rejuvenate myself. We have a limited budget.  So hopefully we will have some fun and just enjoy time together.


One Response to “staycation…”

  1. Hope November 11, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    Happy staycation and happy birthday Ryan!

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