back in the saddle…

8 Nov

here we go again...

Well, today marks my first official run since the Disneyland half marathon in September.  Yeah, it’s been awhile.  I totally get that.  Why the long space in between runs? Well, I have been doing other exercise about one to two times a week.  Secondly, my work schedule keeps changes and I am having a hard time getting adjusted.  Thirdly, since I have nothing to train specifically for, the lazy monster has come out a bit.

Not wonderful excuses, but they are MY excuses truths.  It happens, but I acknowledge that and am going to attempt to change that.  I’m not in the best shape, but I am definitely not in the worst.  I am happy with my body. My husband is happy with my body.  Nothing else matters.  Of course I am running to get into slightly better shape and just to keep me healthy.

There are no immediate races in the future. Still toying with the idea of a full marathon, but not sure if my knee would hold up.  Also still toying with other half marathon ideas (Honolulu half anyone?), however, nothing is set in stone yet.

It felt good.  I ran a mile in about fourteen minutes.  Not awful for not running in two months.  Also not awful due to the fact that I was running on an incline on the treadmill, where normally I just run flat. I wanted to work my muscles a little harder since it IS just a mile and not my normal thirty minutes.  I want to start slow but steady to get myself back on track.  Not saying it will end up being a daily thing, but it will definitely end up being a more constant thing again I hope. You can’t go anywhere unless you saddle up and begin, so here it is. The beginning.  Again.


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