positive spin…

1 Nov

Life doesn’t always go the way you expect it to.  There are always unexpected problems, issues, sadness, and bumps in the road.  Things hardly ever go the way that you plan them to.  If you are like me, I am often surprised if things DO go smoothly.  Maybe that is just the negative person in me, but even as negative as I can be, and the ways that I worry, I really try to look at the positives in any situation.  Any situation, no matter how bad, I dare you to try and find the positive in it.

Of course, it’s always easier looking at someone else’s life.  It’s always easy to look at someone, see their negative problems and go, it isn’t that bad, they still have this or they still have that.  Although, doing it for your own life is a little bit harder.

Why not try turning “I had an awful day at work today” into “Today wasn’t my day, but at least I get to try again tomorrow, and at least I made it home.” Not always the best thing, but a bit of positivity can really improve your mood. It’s all about the positive spin you put on it.  You can make almost anything sound like a good thing.

look on the sunny side of things... 🙂

It’s something that even myself, I am not always the best at, but I am trying to challenge myself whenever I am sad to find the positive or at least something to be thankful for. I hope I can always remember to try that the older I get, as finding the positive really does make it a tiny bit better, it gives you that tiny ray of hope.


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