Vacation Spotlight: Hawaiian Fire

28 Oct

During our recent Hawaiian vacation, we had the amazing opportunity to learn to surf with Hawaiian Fire!  My husband loves to boogie board, and we both agreed we wanted to take surf lessons.  (It’s one of the things on my bucket list.)  I had subscribed to Groupon for Honolulu to try to find a good deal, but also research surf companies of anyone that appeared.  However, I never found anything on Groupon valid during the dates we would be on vacation.

We also bought a guide-book that had reviews of multiple surf companies on Oahu.  Our travel book mentioned Hawaiian Fire as the “safest and hottest” instructors on the island.  When it came time to book our lessons, I debated, but ultimately decided on Hawaiian Fire.  After reading their blog, I was convinced that they could teach anyone to surf, even a klutz like me!

So we booked our lesson! (Side note, they also have a great deal through Disney’s Aulani, and I am VERY happy that they are the company Disney chose.  The Hawaiian Fire crew are simply amazing and have amazing people working for them, so kudos Disney!)  We decided to go on September 9th, the Friday of our trip.  It would be a few days that we were in Hawaii to adjust to the time zone and far enough away from our half marathon earlier in the week.  Both of us were excited for this lesson.  Unfortunately, I got the flu on the way to Hawaii.  We still decided to go through with our lesson as planned, but I didn’t have a lot of strength and got tired easily.

The lessons take place on a little beach with showers and bathrooms.  The waves are fairly gentle which makes for great practice for beginners.  We were in a class of six and there were three instructors and a photographer for our lesson. It’s great that we got photos of our time (and bought all of them on CD at the lesson for under $50 bucks).   They teach you how to paddle, how to get up, all the basics, and safety.  They also provide reef shoes since there is coral on the bottom and a rash guard.

After our practice time on the land, we were out into the water!  It was definitely worth the money we paid.  We got PLENTY of practice time.  They help you get out the first few times, and give you a push for the waves, and off you go.  Each time, even if I didn’t get up all the way, it was an amazing experience and a lot of fun! The support from the team was unreal. My husband was a natural, standing up on the majority of his waves. I was super proud of him!!!

I got a few, but ended up in the water a good chunk of the time.  However, it was fun.  (Maybe I can blame having the flu the few days before, but we definitely plan to go back and surf again with Hawaiian Fire on a future trip!)  No matter how many times anyone ended up the water, they offered pointers and gave you help wherever was needed.  It was definitely worth every penny.

my fall into the ocean...

Basically, we were glad we chose Hawaiian Fire.  They have a retail store too which some great merchandise (love the Blingy sweatshirt).  The staff was great, and all of us had an amazing time.  Thanks, Hawaiian Fire, for an amazing first time surfing experience!


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