call me irresponsible…

28 Oct

We’ve settled fairly well back into work from vacation.  Although, we still really wish we were having a blast in California or Hawaii, it’s very nice to be home with our family!

Aulani... wish we could visit you daily!

However, now we have the responsibility of being an adult.   We recently went to the Orlando Home Show, to try to get our focus back on working on our new house! Well, it’s definitely on the house now, but it’s definitely going to cost us money!

don't you wish money grew on trees?

We want to replace the air conditioner, as it’s over ten years old, we know it will go soon, just hoping it will last until this winter, and then we can get it replaced.  We also want to replace the water heater into possibly a tankless water heater, as we always run out of hot water anyway, and would love to save some energy!  We also would like to paint the living area.  We also need to paint the outside to help the condition of our house, and I want new windows, as the ones we have aren’t very good quality, and you can hear anything throughout them! That’s a pretty big list!
Well, now we have to prioritize.  The air conditioner is pretty high up.  So is painting the house and the windows, but I also want the fun stuff, like new kitchen cabinets (so we have more space), and a hot tub!  It’s always funny to fight with the irresponsible side of life, versus, the responsible.  However, it’s all fun of being an adult.


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