lazy sunday mornings…

16 Oct

Today, my hubby and I did not have much planned.  I am still adjusting to actually having weekends off, and he ended up having a four day weekend this weekend. We had a bit of extra time as he had done a lot of our normal cleaning on Friday! Our only goal tonight was dinner with one of our good friends at Boatwright’s at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside.  Other than that, no plans!  Let me just say, I am still a fan of lazy sunday mornings that I have missed since my college days. (Well on an actual sunday, not on my “sunday.”)


We started our morning a bit early – around eight as I like to. It just makes the weekend seem so much longer.  (Even if you nap during the day.)  I’ve been craving bacon, egg, and cheese bagels from Mcdonald’s, but we don’t have money for extra stuff after our vacation, so we made delicious ones at home if I do say so myself.  After our breakfast, we snuggled and cuddled for awhile in bed just enjoying time with each other, as don’t get mornings together much since I’ve been up and at work by 7am most days lately.  After our cuddling, we got up finally and decided to somewhat join the real world with comfy clothes and out to our couch for a junk food lunch. Oh yes, we really ate healthy today!

Then we curled up and watched some Fraggle Rock. Since we own the series, we have been watching it in order and it’s been awhile, but we started up watching the episodes again!

Halfway through a few Fraggle Rock episodes, I started getting sleepy, so we curled up on the couch and took a nap! My hubby even had a Snickerdoodle join him for nap time! Apparently she curled up on him and slept on him for most of our two hour nap. She came over once to me to get petted, but other than that, she stayed curled up on her Dad!

curled up sleeping, not today, but in one of her favorite nap spots a few days ago

It was definitely a good day for a nap.  Once we took our nap, we slowly got up and got ready for an amazing dinner at Boatwright’s! It was our first time going, and we were pleasantly surprised by the deliciousness of it!

I don’t remember lazy easy going days since college, although they were often filled with grocery shopping, laundry, and heading back to school if I was in Celebration.  However, as much as you enjoy lazy Sundays, it doesn’t really make Monday morning any easier I believe.


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