Vacation Spotlight: Pearl Harbor

28 Sep

On a recent trip to Hawaii, my husband and I visited Pearl Harbor.  Being our first trip, we felt like a respected visit was much due.  It was a great place to see some history and pay some respect to our country.

We were going to get up and go in the morning like the guidebook said to do to avoid crowds, however, I had gotten sick, and we spent the morning taking it easy and making sure that I could handle little activities.    We got to Pearl Harbor just before 2pm and received tickets to the next trip to the Arizona Memorial which is free.   We were surprised by this, but it was September which is off-season for tourism in Hawaii.  We walked over to the theater and were let in immediately.  We watched a documentary explaining the events of Pearl Harbor – leading up to it, the day, and recovery after.  After the film, we were loaded on boats and taken to the Arizona Memorial. 

American Flag through top of Arizona Memorial

We spent about forty five minutes on the memorial.  There is a park guide that is there to answer any questions that anyone may have about Pearl Harbor, the Arizona, or anything related to Pearl Harbor.    After our boat ride back, we picked up some food from the little snack area they had.  (Make sure you have cash if you go, some of the snack areas are cash only, like a good chunk of places in Hawaii.)  After we ate, we wandered around the grounds and the museum area that were also free.

USS Missouri

Overall, we are glad we went.  We are glad we paid respects for those that have fallen for protecting our country.  Depending on how much money you want to spend, there are other ships and museums to go into.  We went the free way, which was definitely enough history to interest you and enough to fill up an afternoon.


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