It all started with a mouse…

25 Sep

Just a few weeks ago, my hubby and I were off on our Epic vacation!  It was going to be one of the best vacations of our lifetime.  Our master plan was to go to Disneyland for a week for fun, Disneyland half marathon, and just relaxation.  Then jet off to Hawaii for another week, explore Aulani, all of Oahu, and more relaxation.  The last part of our plan was to go back to California for a few more days to break up all the airplane travel since I don’t have the best immune system and explore the San Diego Zoo, Hollywood, and one more day at Disneyland to enjoy Halloween season.

Did we do it? Yes!

Was it amazing? Yes!

Do we want to do it again? Yes!

Did we enjoy every minute of the three weeks we had together? Yes!

I decided it’s time to start blogging about it.  So here we go, out first week at Disneyland. (It seemed like a good place to start.)  We were staying at Disney’s Grand Californian Resort & Spa. It was our first time staying there and even our first time just walking into the building.  It was beautiful and we enjoyed our stay.  We enjoyed the convenience of getting to the parks and the feel of the hotel.  However, we also still love the Disneyland Hotel.  We haven’t been able to come up with a favorite, so we will probably alternate each trip or see which is a better deal!

lobby area

We loved every minute of our week there.  We were running the Disneyland Half Marathon to complete our Coast to Coast challenge, but other than that, we were just there to have a week of fun.  My husband and I haven’t been there since our honeymoon over two years ago, so it was a lot of fun!

enjoying ice cream on our honeymoon at Disneyland

We loved every minute of it.  We made sure we road our favorites multiple time.  It’s just amazing to see all the rides there. We love Pirates of the Caribbean more than Walt Disney World’s, as it’s longer and seems to have more detail.  We love getting to ride Mr. Toad, Alice, Pinocchio, Indiana Jones, Monsters Inc, and all the other rides we don’t have at Walt Disney World.  We also love just the intimate feel of Disneyland as you can really tell that Walt Disney was there.  You could tell how much he loved the place.

Mr. Toad!

We had the pleasure of dinning at Club 33 during this trip again and loved every minute of our lunch experience!  We had great company and great food!

Mary Poppins table at Club 33

We were lucky enough to share our Club 33 experience with our friends from California and one of our best friends from Florida.  The six of us had an amazing time.  It was my husband’s and mine’s second time to the club (We had eaten there once on our honeymoon for dinner), but our first time for lunch.  For everyone else. it was their first time, and we can tell they enjoyed every minute of it.   It was great to watch them enjoy the club like we had in the years before.  We all visited the “gift shop” at the end and got a few souvenirs to remember our experience by.


World of Color

It was also our first time getting to see World of Color.  And can I say, WOW!   It was an amazing experience.  We decided to do the World of Color Picnic to get fastpasses.  It was definitely worth the experience.  The food was decent, the price was worth it, and we had an amazing view for World of Color.  It wasn’t very busy when we were there, so we may have been okay without it, but we were glad we went through the experience of it.

best of friends

Overall, it was an amazing trip.  We got to ride the Matterhorn multiple times which always put a smile on my husband’s face.  We got some new experiences (Ariel’s Undersea Adventure) with some friends we have never been to Disneyland with, and got to spend some time with some friends we haven’t seen in awhile.


Aladdin Musical

Riding in the Tail of the Monorail

Just a few pictures from our trip.  I ended up taking over 700 pictures throughout our adventure. They are all on my facebook, but obviously not all uploaded here. 🙂

It was definitely a great way to get relaxed as this was my husband’s and mine’s first vacation in well over a year.  It was worth every penny of it.


One Response to “It all started with a mouse…”

  1. Hope September 28, 2011 at 5:13 pm #

    I’m glad you had an AWESOME Trip. Reading trip recaps like yours make me appreciate DL so much more. It’s like seeing it with new eyes or for the first time. Thanks for sharing some of the fun with us. I’m also glad that you had a better experience with WOC than we did. Your pictures are great.

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