double digit countdown…

11 Aug

This year has flown by!  It felt like when I started planning for our epic vacation of 2011, it was years away and I would have endless amount of time to save up for it, and to plan! However, that time has flown by and we haven’t been as successful as we have hoped to save money.  Now it’s crunch time, and we reevaluated our plans a bit.

I can’t believe in less than a month we will be on our Hawaiian Holiday!  It’s crazy that that is our plan!  We don’t have as much “fun” money to spend. Our plans once included a massage and the Polynesian culture museum.  However, we scrapped both of those. We also don’t have any plans for a luau at this time.  We will see if we can find any deals when we are there, but if not, we will definitely enjoy our time as we still have some pretty amazing things planned!   We can definitely still go Elvis-spot hunting like I mentioned in a previous post!

We are also planning on visiting Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, and hiking the Maunawili Falls!  I am sure there will be future blogs dedicated to those. And best of all, most of these attractions are free or cheap!  And plenty of exercise for the hiking and swimming after our half marathon!

Speaking of exercise, we booked our one definite splurge that we decided we could not give up on today in Hawaii –   Surf lessons!  I did a lot of research on various companies, but I kept on coming back to Hawaiian Fire.  It is owned and run by Firefighters and is deemed the safest surf company in Hawaii.  That’s definitely a plus as I am definitely a klutz!

let's hope we are this amazing!

Also, their FAQ on their website had this little question…

Can I stand in one lesson?
If you can lie face down on the floor and get to your feet in less than 5 seconds, you can stand in one lesson. Our program is specifically designed to get the 1st timer and beginner up and riding within a very short period of time.


Yes please!  I know it might not be very graceful and they appear to take photos while you are surfing which is another reason we went with the company.  My husband and I really enjoy boogie boarding, and he’s like a small child when I mention surfing, so it was definitely an experience we had to attempt in Hawaii.  One last reason that convinced us was their blog and all the happy testimonials of how they made people’s vacations amazing.  Definitely something I hope to be adding to!

Before we get to Hawaii, we get to enjoy a week at the Disneyland resort!  We can’t wait to experience World of Color and many of the rides that have become our favorites.  My husband is excited at it is his second trip, my third, and we will have enough time to experience everything.  Our goal is to go on everything they have to offer during our time there.  We also get to see Halloween time when we are there on the way back!  Can’t believe we planned this well and got this lucky!

Although the main reason for this trip is to complete our Coast to Coast challenge!  I blogged about our Walt Disney World half marathon previously,  and the time is getting closer and closer that we have to complete our challenge!  I have definitely not had as much training time as last time, but I am getting in as much as I can.  Trying to push myself harder during each workout as I have gotten fewer of them this time.  I only have a few more weeks left and I need to start my time walks like we did last time where I go out for about 2 hours and walk/run my way through the two hours.  I will hopefully get those started next week as there is no option to not complete this race. I really want that partners medal that they give out for coast to coast.

Overall this will be an amazing trip and we can’t wait to experience it even if we have readjusted some of our plans. Best of all there will be some amazing memories.


2 Responses to “double digit countdown…”

  1. set2music August 11, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    Love this entry! I wish we were going to Hawaii too – LOL – but I’ll be glad to see y’all in California!!! =D

    • faithtrustnpixiedust August 11, 2011 at 4:00 pm #

      Thanks! 🙂 We planned it and didn’t save enough with buying our home, so we are readjusting, but it will still be an amazing experience even if we are budgeting! Can’t wait to see you two in California!

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