it’s been awhile…

9 Aug

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted!  I really don’t have too much of an excuse, except…

I’ve been busy, and it’s been mostly a lot of fun! I’ve transferred to a new area at work. So there has been training, shadows, and today was my first shift by myself! It was successful, but it’s taken a huge chunk of my time as I’ve all of a sudden worked crazy hours!  It’s been interesting to see how the hubby and I adjust, but we have been doing swimmingly!

We have more new stuff at our house as in we have LIVING ROOM furniture!  Totally happy that we get to finally have a living room. Although all of our roommates, seem to still hide in their room instead of joining us in the living room. Maybe we scare them? Who knows! hee!  It’s been nice and made it feel even more like a house!

Just under a month and there will be a LOT of exciting things happening!  We will have (hopefully) completed the Disneyland half marathon and will be in Hawaii!  super happy for our trip. Maybe we will have surfing under our belt by now? Or a luau? I am planning on calling to make some reservations for things over the next few days.  We will see how it goes, and how we are on the money front.  My theory is to book the experiences we REALLY want to do, and other than that, just see how it goes.

Although, we WILL be missing our three adorable cookies!  They have adjusted to their new home fairly nicely.  We are still adjusting some, but it’s been a good process. We will probably confuse them a lot when their Grandma comes to take care of them!

I’m sure I will have more random blog posts over the next few weeks, at least that’s my goal as this one is just a very general “hey” getting back into the swing of blogging, but my schedule seems to be settling down some, so hopefully I will get some good posts in!

Oh, one more thing! Check out my friend’s store. She makes amazing scarfs along with some other things! (Hey, it’s never too soon to prepare for winter!)

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