betty crocker came a knocking…

10 Jul

Over the last few weeks I have been feeling the urge to start baking random things.  Last night, my husband and I tackled a few different recipes!

First up? A twist on a old standard.  My husband’s coworkers are constantly bringing in food for all of them to share.  Well, I have really had enough time to make anything, so we made something a bit simple. Inspired by something delicious that we found in the stores a few weeks ago!


Well, e decided to make homemade ones, because how hard can it be? Basically just like rice krispy treats!  So first up were home made lucky charms treats!  Nothing complex, but hopefully they will enjoy our homemade goodies!

Next, I just wanted to make some more oatmeal muffins! This way I had a healthy, delicious snack or breakfast, and this way I can justify the last thing we made.

Healthy and Yummy!

I made this recipe about a month ago and really enjoyed the muffins. I made it again but substituted applesauce for the oil to make it a bit healthier.  Definitely just as delicious as before!  Although next time I have to remember to double the recipe as it only make 12 muffins and in our house those will go pretty fast!

Yes, they are delicious as they look!

I was emailed this recipe from Hungry Girl earlier in the week and they looked delicious! Boston Cream Cupcakes? Why yes, I do want them!  We made a few slight tweaks to the recipe… I had some vanilla pudding mix already in the house, so we just used that. Secondly, artificial sweetener makes me sick, so I just used regular sugar.  So not AS healthy as they requested with a few tweaks, but still pretty close and EVERY bit as delicious as it sounds!  Pretty easy to make too.  We lightly tapped them against the counter to have the pudding settle in.  Definitely delicious!

What are some of your favorite recipes?


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