One Dollar Date Night

4 Jul

We have been trying to figure out ways to save money, so we haven’t gone out on a date night for a few weeks.  Also, we just haven’t had time, but money has been one of the issues of why we didn’t want to go out a lot.  Even if we don’t plan on spending money, we either get thirsty or hungry or see something, and we can resist, but if someone I am with is hungry or thirsty, or myself, I am the type of person to spend money on a little something.

Last night we went out for sushi and fireworks! Or at least that’s the plan was! A year ago, during 10th Anniversary, we bought a few gift certificates for a dollar! We are still attempting to use them up.  It was our first time buying anything, and we figured if it didn’t work out, the most we lose is a dollar.  We tried to use one a few months ago, but the place stopped accepting them.  Well, last night we used one of ours up!


We visited Kimonos which is located inside the Swan here in wonderful Walt Disney World! Obviously we live here, so we’ve eaten at a good chunk of the restaurants on and around property, however, we don’t tend to get to the Swan or Dolphin often.  We walked in and Kimonos is located on lobby level.  It was very easy to find with their signs throughout the hotel.  We were advised to seat ourselves in the little bar.  It was about 7pm by the time we arrived, but there were plenty of tables all around.  Reservations were definitely not needed.

Our waitress instantly approached and brought us our menu.  She went over the appetizers they had and then spoke about all the different rolls they had.  We just marked what we wanted ourselves, and then she went over the drink book.  They had some drink specials that sounded interesting, but we didn’t find anything that we really wanted to try, so we just stuck with water and soda.

We each decided that we could pick a sushi roll to try and we would share an appetizer.  My husband wanted to try the Kobe lettuce wraps, so we did!  I chose an asparagus roll which featured tempura fried asparagus and cream cheese.  Something similar, but my stomach doesn’t do the best with a lot of raw fish.  It was something I had never tried before.  My husband decided on an Alaskan roll which had raw salmon wrapped around the outside and crab salad inside with a bit of lemon on top.  Definitely some interesting choices!

Our lettuce wraps arrived quickly.  A bit spicy for my taste, but still delicious.  We waited a few more minutes after we were done with our lettuce wraps and our sushi arrived.

Our Sushi!

It was delicious as it looks!  We ate our sushi and once we were done we were offered more by our waitress or if we wanted dessert.  They had all sorts of cakes, ice creams, and a few other options.  It was definitely a surprise, and we plan on going back.  The service was excellent as was the ease of getting a table, and the atmosphere of the place.  It was a nice date night, and we plan on going back as it wasn’t outrageously expensive.  Especially if we watch what we choose for our sushi rolls, we can easily have a date night for under twenty bucks.  We paid our bill using our gift certificate and a rebate card (from our appliance purchase from the house) that I had just gotten in the mail.  The whole bill was about fifty bucks with tip.  However, how much did we pay for it? A dollar.  Definitely not a bad start to our date night!

We then headed to the Polynesian to attempt to watch the fireworks as they were showing the ones for the 4th on the 3rd also.  It was beyond crazy attempting to get in and we got stuck in some traffic, so we decided to go to the Grand Floridian instead to catch the view from there.  We were walking out to watch them right after they started.  Definitely not a bad night!  We then walked back to our car and got away with ease!

Our life is pretty magical based on where we live and the happiness that all the little things in our lives together.  Even a bad day in our world seems better than a day anywhere else, and that’s part of the fun of it.  Especially when dates only cost us a dollar.

One Response to “One Dollar Date Night”

  1. Hope July 5, 2011 at 6:19 pm #

    I wish we could get away with $1 date nights over here. ;P

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