Home Decorating 101: Bathrooms

3 Jul

Owning our own home has definitely been an adventure.  We’ve gotten to decorate, paint, and arrange stuff how we want.  More often than not, my husband has left a good chunk of the decisions up to me.  He will voice his opinion here and there, but most of it has been my call with him just agreeing.  My husband has lived in apartments off and on over the years without me, so he had PLENTY of his own stuff, and it was up to me to work it in somewhere. I tried hard to get it as much of it fit in to make him feel comfortable, but not too much that our house is obnoxiously Disney. (Well, it probably still kinda is.) So I figured I would share some of the pictures of how we decorated the various bathrooms of our home!

Powder Room

Above is a picture of our powder room.  Starting it was a bit dark in my opinion!  Unfortunately I don’t think I have a picture of the powder room when it started.  We painted it with Behr paint – Aqua Spray!  Same as one of the upstairs bedrooms.  However, I knew exactly what I wanted to hang in here. My husband’s collection of Walt Disney World and Disneyland Fast pass tickets!  He framed a complete collection from each of the parks, so I figured it would be a bit whimsical and a lot of fun for our guests to see!  I added his Splash Mountain poster which is his favorite ride, and we have a bathroom! We may still add his Haunted Mansion sign he has, but we haven’t gotten around to it.  Add a Mickey Mouse Soap Pump, and our bathroom is complete!

Master Bath Before

Master Bath - After




Master Bath - After

Next up is our master

Master Bath - After




We started as you can see very plain.  However, we added our paint which was Behr’s Rhythmic Blue  to the walls and after taking the trim off from the ceiling that wasn’t meant in the bathroom, we have our bathroom complete!  It matches our bedroom to try and be a very tranquil area!

As you can see I worked in my husband’s collection of Rubber Duckies that he’s had floating from bathroom to bathroom, and his favorite – Sorcerer Mickey above the toilet.  I love the blue and white combination together.  We also have a print of the ocean in the bathroom above the bathtub.  One thing we also added along our decorating ways is a towel bar!  You can see from the one without the Mickey picture to the one with, that we added a towel bar there for the shower.  It just didn’t seem to me that there was any decent place to hang towels.  Our bathroom has quickly become a favorite for our kittens to hang out in, as I believe they feel safe. The bathtub has become their wrestling ring.

Kitten Bathtub!

Last but not least is our upstairs bathroom.  Used by our amazing friends that are currently living with us, and it will be the guest bathroom whenever we do have guests visiting the house!

Upstairs Bath - Before

Upstairs Bath - After









Last bathroom in the house is our upstairs bath.  We painted it a color called Pensive Sky.  It’s kind of like a grey with blue tints.  It matches the bathroom counter perfectly with the swirls of color in it.  Added to the bathroom is my husband’s shower curtain from his single days – 3-D glasses.  A bit creepy to shower in, as they are staring at you, but I absolutely loved how excited he was when I told him we could use it in that bathroom.  We also have two pictures about Walt Disney and how he built the parks hanging in the bathroom with wood frames that we painted white to match the trim of the bathroom.

There’s a tour of the bathrooms in our house. Hope you enjoyed this random photo tour!


2 Responses to “Home Decorating 101: Bathrooms”

  1. Hope July 5, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

    I love what you did to your bathroom. I didn’t realize that we could use the rubber duckies we’ve gotten from various stays at Disney, but I LOVE what you did with them! Great wall colors too, btw!

    • faithtrustnpixiedust July 5, 2011 at 11:59 pm #

      Yes! haha. We tied it all in everywhere, just use what we have and make it fun! Saves money and it shows personality!

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