a house for cats…

17 May

Less than two weeks until we close on our house!  Super excited for that.  And as we start to pack up our current home, this house is getting more and more filled with boxes, and we have three very confused little kittens! I’ve tried to tell them they are coming with us, and we give them some extra attention and love as they don’t know what’s going on, but we really do think they will love our new home!  And now it looks we will be moved in within a month of closing! Let’s hope that comes true!

However, as we get closer to closing we keep creating lists of things we need to buy or things we want, and we keep thinking about how the kittens will feel.   So now, I’d like to start a rather silly blog of things that we believe our kittens will love about our new home.

Butterscotch - the little man

Let’s start with Mr. Butterscotch.  He’s our little orange boy who loves to hang out with his Daddy. However, when no one else is around or late at night, he loves to get cuddles and kisses from his Mom.  However, if there are ever tools being used, this little guy is right there showing how manly he is!  What will Butters love most about his house?

  • Tile Floor – He loves to play hockey with his toys.  And a lot more of this house is tile floor or wood floor, so he will have PLENTY of space to play hockey.
  • Doors with Tile Floor on either side – Our current home has a powder room and anyone knows that if they use the bathroom, Butterscotch will play hockey with them. The new home has this feature as well.
  • Tiles on Window Ledges – The window ledges have some tile on them, so it will be nice and cool for this big little boy.  He loves to stay cool, so he will enjoy this on the windows.

Snickerdoodle - The Princess

Next up is Snickerdoodle princess in training. She often runs the house as she tries to get her way with her cute calico face.  She also is the little piggy that can eat everything in sight if you let her!  However, she likes to play to work on her girlish figure. What will Snickerdoodle love about the new home?

  • Two Counter Ledges to sleep on – This house has two bathrooms with double sinks and the counter ledge in the middle. She loves to sleep on the towel in the bathroom. We will definitely have towels in both bathrooms for the little girl as she spends most of her time there.
  • Plenty of stampeding space – Snickerdoodle is queen of the late night horse run.  Or the random run.  She loves to run around and the new house has circles she can run around, or run up and down the stairs. Or possibly learn how to fly as she jumps off the second floor (Mom and Dad are a bit nervous for this!).
  • Kitchen Counters  that are for cats – She loves to wait on the counter for any meal or just to attempt to get some of yours, and these counters will still have plenty of space for the little girl to hang out and wait for food.

Miss Oreo - Talkative Queen

Last, but not least is Miss Oreo, who is now curled up on my lap as I write this.  She loves cuddles and is the most talkative about our three. Sometimes, we have full on conversations, and I really believe that she understands and responds. What will the cuddle talkative queen love most about this new home?

  • Master Bedroom is close enough to everything else – This little girl hides when company comes over.  However, she loves to be close to Mom and Dad.  We are unsure if she will hide up or downstairs, but we hope she will hide in our master closet or bedroom, as she comes out as soon as everyone is gone and she will be out and about telling us about her time hiding.
  • Furniture with low arms – This little girl loves to sit like a human in chairs, but she needs a low arm to do it.  Luckily, we found a day bed with low arms, so even though it won’t be in the living room, we will have a chair for her to sit on!  She will definitely love sitting on the chairs!
  • Plenty of rooms to hide in – Miss Oreo likes her peace and quiet and with two of the bedrooms not being used, she will have plenty of places to hide.  We will have to find her hiding spots in the new home, but we think she will really love them.

Basically, our pets are part of our family, and when we searched for a home, we thought of them AND us.  What did we want and what would be great for them.  This house also has a screened in patio, that we will let the kittens try out once we get everything secured in it.  I can’t wait to see how they enjoy the sunshine when we are home.

The next few days will be crucial for us. We are waiting on documents and then we are holding our breath to get our final closing amount, as we can not WAIT to close within the next two weeks. We want those keys badly.  However, we just have to be patient.

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