12 May

Well, it’s been a very busy week, with the next two looking to be even busier!

Two weeks from tomorrow (if all things go well), my husband and I will officially be home owners!!!  It’s scary and exciting all in one.  We have been insanely blessed in the last few weeks and we pray our blessing will continue.  We’ve had a few melt downs, but nothing we couldn’t handle, and we are slowly learning to work as a team and get things done together.

We’ve stumbled here and there, but overall, this process has been fairly smooth.  We of course are waiting for a few things in the mail and from the bank and what not, but we are hopeful that it will all continue to fall into place.

We are blessed with the huge amount of people also offering to help us paint and fix random things.  We are also extremely blessed by our families helping us save money by picking things up for our house or trying to find a way to come here and help us paint, move stuff, etc.  We do not know how we can thank them as we take this step into adult-hood, but know that they don’t really need a lot of thanks.  They are just proud and happy for us!

We are trying not to gloat too much or be too excited.  We don’t want to rub our good fortune in anyone’s face as I feel that is a part of being a good person.  However, I will be very honest and can not WAIT until we get our keys to our house, I’m sure we will rush over there just to stare. I know that’s lame, but I just want to do a little dance in it! It’s OUR house. We can’t wait to start making the house into a home.

I do feel like sharing a few random things I’ve learned through this whole process though…

  • Right now in Florida, buying homeowner’s insurance is tough. Due to government regulations most companies are not currently issuing new policies in the state of Florida. It was a challenge trying to find insurance. We called ten companies.  We got quotes from four of them.  We finally found one due to the help of my other Dad, and we are confident in it.  It’s also a LOT more expensive than anyone including ourselves estimated.
  • The more money you put down, the easier it is.  We were told that by some of our finance people. but it seems to be true.  They trust that we can save since we have some money to put down. I would hate to go through the process without anything to put down.  I really feel like they should just take a DNA sample and a blood test and that may help some people get a loan or at least that’s what the process feels like.
  • Have things prepared. We googled online and found a list of everything it said we would need to apply for a mortgage.  It was a HUGE useful tool to have.  However, we were still missing stuff, and I could NOT imagine having to dig all of it up when we first start applying.  We still had plenty of times that we had to adjust work schedules to get to the bank or make some phone calls.
  • The process is an amazing learning experience, but also stressful. I never understood how stressful this was until I started the process.  I don’t know if I’m adult enough for it yet, but there is not turning back now and we will either sink or swim.  Here’s hoping we bought some little floaties to help us when we get lost.
  •  No matter how hard we try, I really don’t think the kittens understand the word “moving” yet.  Our poor three kittens are SO confused. We keep on pulling stuff out of closets or putting stuff into boxes, and they are confused.  I don’t blame them.  However, I am so afraid that they may think we are getting rid of them, as soon we will start packing up some of their toys, and taking them to the new house, well in likea month from now. Then their cat towers and little homes will disappear.  I’m sure they will be REALLY really confused.  However, I do hope they know we love them enough that they understand that we aren’t getting rid of them, we are just going on a new adventure together.   I also feel we found a good house where we can ALL be happy.  The three kittens, my husband,  myself, and whatever the future brings!

One Response to “blessings…”

  1. Hope May 13, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

    Yay!! I hope you guys run around the entire empty house with your kittens before you officially move in and celebrate!

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