8 May

Well, I have had a few busy weeks, and I believe the next three are going to be busy AND exciting!  Our closing date on our house got moved a week earlier… possibly. We don’t have the official word yet, but they are waiting for a few things from us that we are waiting for from the mail, and THEN we may close end of MAY instead of first week of June.  This is super exciting, but also puts a crunch time on us!

We’ve picked out basically everything.  We know where we are getting from what. We are going to price shop the week we order stuff, but that’s it! Also will check out lowes and home depot for clearance items! However, we basically have everything prioritized!

We’ve also created a budget that shows us how we can get to Hawaii, and it seems very likely, that we will still be able to pay for our trip! Super excited for all of this.  However, today, we have taken a day for us.  We slept in for the longest time this morning and spent a lazy day just watching television and doing a few random odds and ends cleaning, but nothing really too much. Just relaxation.  Also, plenty of time for cuddling with the kittens! It’s been a good day.  Also, my crazy husband has decided to make me breakfast and lunch and bring it to me as I am an amazing mother to our three kittens! Super sweet, but also a bit silly.

Our kittens cuddling and napping!

Other than that, we have been picking up extra hours whenever possible.  It’s been a bit stressful with all the work and all the work we do at home normally, plus added the extra mortgage and house work. Definitely busy, but the money will be good.  My schedule for the week before we close has 50+ hours already scheduled on it, so that will definitely be a nice chunk of cash which will help us.  However, I will probably be a bit sleepy!

Our only goal today was to go for a run/walk outside of the house to attempt to start preparing for our half marathon in September.  Well, we went, but at the hottest part of the day.  So we fast walked most of it, but ran for about a good half a mile in the humidity.  Definitely did not like that on my lungs, but hey, it works. At least we got some sort of work-out in!

Tomorrow, first thing in the morning we are going to measure our closet in our house, the doggie door once more, and the laundry room again! Other than that, we are going to do some random errands of buying a few things for the house since we have a little bit of extra money this week AND it will be nice to get some things.

We did make our first purchase for our house yesterday, we got a kitchen table! From a very nice family close to where we are moving. They were selling it, and it is in definitely GREAT condition, and we couldn’t beat the price, so now we have a kitchen table!  It’s currently sitting in our garage with some stuff on it that we want to take to the house, very first thing.  However, it was our first purchase.  Kinda exciting.

So, that’s my rambling catch-up blog, it isn’t very long, but it felt good to update as it has been a very long time.

Oh, and if anyone reading this has anything they may THINK we need for our house or want to help in any way, just let us know! We appreciate it!


One Response to “catch-up…”

  1. Hope May 9, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    So excited for you guys!!!

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