a tale of a mortgage…

28 Apr

So, my husband and I agreed to attempt to be adults about the entire thing and are trying to NOT call in during the entire mortgage process to get things done, as we NEED money, so it’s kinda counter productive, as we need the money for the house, but we also need to get this done during business hours, and we work during those hours, or at least we do during the end of the week.

We stayed up last night until about 3am getting documents scanned into the computer and emailed for our mortgage.  Well, we found out this afternoon that most of the documents did not send.  This was of course after we got woken up at 7am by dealing with getting some of the documents.  I appreciate all the help our family has given us in getting the documents, but I am so tired.  So so tired. I want to sleep for a hours and hours and hours.  However, I work early again tomorrow AND then we have to get everything in tomorrow.

So for those of you applying for a mortgage, be prepared.  We had all of our documents lined up ready to go, and we are still running into issues.  *Fingers crossed* and praying that this will all work out.


One Response to “a tale of a mortgage…”

  1. Hope April 29, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

    that stinks, but hopefully you guys can laugh about this when it’s all over and you’re sitting in your brand new living room sipping champagne celebrating a huge “i’m an adult” milestone! 🙂

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