2 Apr

This past week was a tiny bit stressful one, well not exactly stressful, but I can’t think of a different word.  My husband has a new job with long shifts.  Also, our hours don’t exactly match up these past few weeks. I am hopeful that we they will get better, but we are adjusting, and surviving.  There were a few days this week that we were both getting frustrated, as we went from Tuesday until today without seeing each other awake for more than five minutes. That’s how opposite our shifts have been.  While, we don’t mind it, as we are working to save money for our future together, and everything we want to do, an important marriage is spending time together.  Yes, our time is now more precious, but some days, it is hard to remember that when you are feeling lonely.  The little things start to frustrate, like “why didn’t he/she do this?”

Although, I was proud of us this week. No snippy little fights occurred (well, that’s not such a huge feat, as we don’t fight 99.9% of the time) and we didn’t air our frustrations to anyone really but each other.  Just on the other hand, some entertaining things occurred (let’s just say my husband does some funny things in his sleep when he is missing me).

So today’s blessing is how amazing we are to be married.  We really just get each other. He was off today, I’m off to an early shift of work, and not feeling 100% as I’ve been battling the cold that is going around Central Florida.  I have a feeling the cold is winning, so I sent him a humorous text, knowing myself very well that read:

Dear Hubby, Please make Wifey take a nap after work.  She may protest and be cranky, but she needs it.  Also, make sure she starts taking some medicine with dinner. It’s up to you to make sure Wifey gets better.  Please help her.  Love, miserable Wifey at work.

I knew after work, I wouldn’t nap.  I would be too over tired, and just hyper and happy to spend the day with my husband.  Of course, he knows me and knew that.  As I was talking to him on our way out, he told me we were going to play slumber party when we got home.  I knew I was taken care of and that made me feel all warm inside, as truthfully, I really did need sleep.  I just didn’t want to waste our time together doing that, but it’s not wasteful, everything together is special.

I come home and am handed a  handful of pajama options to change into, and our random collection of cuddle-animals to cuddle with when the other isn’t home, are all waiting for me.  (May I also say, the house is clean and vacuumed. He did amazing!) A Bug’s Life is in the DVD player, as he thought it would be good napping noise, and he crawls in bed with me and starts to massage me to calm me down.  Suddenly, my tension headache is away, and after about 45 minutes, I am sleeping blissfully!

The nap was only about an hour and a half long, but it was totally worth it. Also, I will still be sleep enough to go to bed at a decent hour tonight. I’m glad I am married to someone who gets me so well. I feel that is rare to have a full and complete understanding.

What else is amazing? As I sit on the couch blogging, relaxing, and being in charge of our TV options, he’s making us a delicious steak and potato dinner!  I could not be more lucky.


One Response to “blessings…”

  1. Hope April 4, 2011 at 7:22 pm #

    Get better soon. It’s awesome that although you don’t get a lot of time together, that you make the most out of every second you have together. Ryan rocks!

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