a birthday dinner to remember…

29 Mar

Last night, my amazing husband and I went out to celebrate my birthday.  It’s a few days after the fact, but we didn’t mind.  Only downside is, I have a bit of a cold, so I did spend most of yesterday sleeping away.  I took a long nap in the afternoon and really didn’t do much else besides our house hunting adventure in the rain tomorrow!

Well, my husband made reservations at Fulton’s Crab house, we had never been and were eager to try it!

Well, we went to our reservation and were lucky enough to get a table right by the window.  Our waitress, Michelle P. was absolutely amazing! Let me say right off the bat, it was an amazing meal.  We ordered drinks, coke, and water, to try and keep me hydrated.  She was like the aunt who you always wanted to visit.  She was amazing and she still kept on treating us amazing after she found out we were cast members, which isn’t always the case.

I ordered Lobster with scallops and shrimps stuffed inside with mushrooms and greens.  I apologize, I don’t remember the exact name.  Hubby got king crab claws that was cracked for him. It was a LOT of food.  However, our meal got even more amazing as Michelle didn’t think hubby’s plate was the true one pound of food that we are paying for, so she brought him extra food! This was completely unexpected, but made us love the experience so much more.  I got a piece of cake for dessert, that was decorated so adorably, and husband ordered a piece of cheesecake.

my dessert from Fulton's Crab House

All of it was delicious.  It is a bit expensive seafood place, but we will definitely be visiting it again for special occasions!  Michelle P. definitely made our meal worth it, and it was an amazing experience!  I know we will be back sometime in the future.  Also, for me not feeling the best, she wasn’t very pushy or overbearing, she gave us our space, and approached us with caution, but always kept our drinks full! We rewarded her with a very hefty tip, so we hope she understands our appreciation!

So the birthday spread out over a few days isn’t bad at all. It’s all about making the best of the moment when you can celebrate!


One Response to “a birthday dinner to remember…”

  1. Hope March 29, 2011 at 7:59 pm #

    Your meal sounded amazing. I have to try that some time! Michelle sounds awesome and I’m glad that she, and Ryan made your birthday this year extra memorable. 🙂

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