Eve of a birthday… a bit of a reflection…

23 Mar

Well, Well, Well, as I sit here somewhat curled up on the couch after a delicious dinner of strawberry pie and Spirte! I figured I’d indulge in some of my favorites. (Well, that is a bit of a lie, they are my favorites, but I did have some chicken that we made on the grill the other day too!)

And I am feeling a bit sentimental as tomorrow is my birthday.  It’s not a milestone birthday by any means. I’m turning twenty six.  It’s an age you don’t necessarily think of as a small child.  I don’t remember ever sitting or thinking “Hmm, when I am twenty six, I am going to be a whatever.”  However, I do realize I am over the halfway point to FIFTY. And that is an eye opener. Or something. It also means I still have a long ways to go til I am fifty.

However, since I am sitting in an empty house by myself with no immediate birthday plans tomorrow, I am feeling a bit sentimental.  I know that my amazing husband and I will celebrate my birthday next Monday, where we have a dinner that we picked out together.  I will enjoy it, I really will. Sure there will be a few sad moments tomorrow that I can’t be with the one person all day that means the world to me.  With all the exciting things we have planned this year, my birthday is not on the big picture of important days.  Yes, it is important, but we will make it through!

So twenty six year.  Am I where I think I would be? No. Not at all, but it is such in a good way.  I met an amazing man that wasn’t on my radar ten years ago, or even five years ago.  I have no clue how I got so lucky to find the person that completes ME. No one else. He wouldn’t be this amazing with anyone else, because he completes me. Together, we are one amazing person. We each have our faults and our talents, but together we work so well.  That I am thankful for.  So just in the general sense of, there is no way I could have seen this coming. I am so blessed and so thankful to have him.

What have I learned? Oh, I’ve learned much more in the last twenty six years than to just tie my shoes.  I’ve learned that each person is raised differently.  Each person may not act how you want them to. Some people can be so awful to you even as an invited guest in your own house.  Other people, can be great surprises and joys in your life.  You never saw them coming.  I’ve also learned that you can never count on anything for sure happening that you planned as a child. Your priorities change.

You become to not be so much as a work-a-holic. At least, that’s what I learned this last year. The number one most important thing to me is my family. Not only my blood family, but the family that I have created. My little ohana of people, that I can not imagine my life without. We aren’t all related by blood, but we are an amazing mix of people that are there for each other.  I’ve also learned to work to have the experiences. I so want to travel in my life and see things. I am grateful to have many of the opportunities I am so more, and now I just keep trying to learn, discover, and explore with my amazing husband and family!

You honestly don’t know if people you thought would be there forever, are really going to be there forever.  Now, I understand this may seem hypocritical, as I was just gloating about an amazing love and I KNOW my amazing husband will never leave me, but I am talking more about in a friendship way than in a happily-ever-after I am going to love you forever way.  There are some people that I really thought would be in my life that I’ve met along the way that aren’t, but honestly, I have no regrets. I’ve come to accept you can’t please everyone.  You also realize that some people won’t always be there, and that’s okay.  It’s not their fault, it’s not yours, but some people aren’t meant to be in your life forever, and that is really okay.

What have I accomplished? Oh so much!  I am blessed to have all the opportunities I have had.  I can’t believe I’ve run a half marathon with another one to go yet this year. Me. The fat kid. Me, I’ve run a half marathon.  I really can’t wait for the next one.  I’ve graduated college. I’ve found love.  I’ve figured out a lot of growing up. I’ve developed my own opinions. I’ve stood up for what is wrong.  I’m in the process of buying a house.  I’ve lived some experiences that only I can experience.  I understand that I will always keep learning.

So, thank you to everyone who helped in the last twenty-six years. I can’t wait to see what the next twenty-six bring. I can only imagine.



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