Good morning, kitten style…

21 Mar

Good Morning!!

This morning, I woke up to this cute little girl curled up on top of me purring away. And she pinned her Dad’s arm down on top of me, so she was getting to cuddle with both of us at once!   This will definitely be an amazing way to start our day!

I love as our kittens as they are always there right by us to see what we are doing, protect us, and love us! Even as I type this, a little black and white girl is curled up right next to my side sleeping on me.  She’s protecting me as her Dad is downstairs getting us breakfast!

As for the boy in the house, Mr. Butterscotch is super excited he can sleep on his purple mat again outside our room. He’s our guard puppy even though he’s only about 15lbs.  That little boy is so adorable and THINKS he’s a puppy in every way. He really doesn’t understand why he is called a cat.

Any day that starts with kitten cuddles and my husband  is a perfect day.  How does your perfect day start?


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