respect and thankfulness…

20 Mar

Well, I’ve had a blog rolling around in my head for a few days.  However, I’m not sure if I am actually posting it. I’ve delayed to give myself a few days to ponder it, and while I don’t feel I have a real decision I want to blog.

This past week has been an interesting week. We’ve had some houseguests visiting us which were my husband’s old friends.  It was a very entertaining week! However, it just made my husband and I appreciate our little routine even more!

This last week I’ve also become feeling very thankful towards my parents.  It’s busy time again at work and you see people from all walks of life, but I am very thankful for my parents who raised me correctly.  They raised me how to be polite and have manners in any situation.  I learned this week when I wanted to take the low road, I still took the high one and that is due to my upbringing.

I’m also very thankful to my parents that I know how to appropriately act in public and private situations. I also know how to act when on vacation, or visiting someone, and I have my manners and respect people’s boundaries.  It’s busy times that often make me ever so thankful.

This past week though, I also became even more appreciative of my husband.  He defended our little family and I am SO thankful he did, as it helped restore some of the peace and helped calm us a bit.  I’ve always known he has my back.  However, he shouted it to the world this week, and that was an amazing feeling.  Stressful, yet amazing!

First impressions are vital.  They take a lot to change and with one person not making any effort, feeling like they don’t need to prove anything, often that first impression may be the last. You just let them pass throughout your life, because if you don’t show what you have to offer, obviously, how is one supposed to know? Where as, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you can judge someone on how they treat you. Just like the cartoon above, you have to give some respect to get it, and I feel so many people just demand it without giving us a reason to respect them.

This last week also had a lot of other firsts, however, I am more mature than to blast them step my step in the public domain.  I know that words may come back to haunt you!

I am excited though for a day off tomorrow. It will be SO nice to enjoy a bit of time with my husband and kittens! Who knows where our adventure will take us, typhoon lagoon or blizzard beach? Who knows!!!

And for those of you out there in blog world, I promise to post something much more entertaining soon!


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