retail therapy… (on a budget)…

15 Mar

One of my long-lost favorite past-times has been retail therapy.  I know it’s cliche and stereotypical of me as a girl, but it REALLY helps at times. Today was one of those days.  I knew I didn’t have hundred’s and hundred’s to spend, but I knew I needed to spend SOMETHING and since our bank account isn’t hurting very badly this week, I took advantage!

So off we went with one of my best friends to the Florida Mall.  And off we went in search of things I need want, and a few things I need. With stops at Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, and Old Navy, were just a few to name.  We also stopped and had a delicious drink at Teavana.   I had birthday coupons and rewards from my Victoria’s Secret credit card to use up.  Then I had a coupon for a free body care item at B&BW.  Then with a trip to Old Navy where they were having their stock-up sale, it was totally worth it. Also, everything I bought was only about 80 bucks.  Totally worth our adventure!!!  After the mall, we headed to the outlet’s to go check out the Victoria’s Secret outlet to go see if they had any cute pink sweats.  However, they did not.  We did however find some cute stuff at the Nike outlet and sadly enough, the Disney outlet.  I ended up buying a half marathon light-weight jacket from the half marathon we ran earlier in the year.

So I didn’t break the bank, but I definitely got some great stuff and am a lot less stress free!  I hold all my tension in my back and even though my back is sore, I am glad that a tiny bit of it went away with all the money I spent!  I really am glad that I was able to splurge a tiny bit, become stress-free, and spend some amazing time with one of my bestest friends.

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