a bit of character…

27 Feb

Lately, my hubby and I have been clearing out our DVR.  We get a free year of Starz for it’s anniversary, so there have been plenty of movies to watch.  This morning we watched Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp.

With all the movies and television we have been watching it made me start to think.  You often hear people say that they watch something because it makes them escape from their every day life. Other times you watch something because there is a part of you on the screen.  That caused me to think if there is any part of me in any of the shows I watch.  I figured I’d self analyze a bit to random shows or movies that I watch.  This may be an every-so-often blog, or it may just be one time only. So for what is currently playing on my DVR…

Yes, as tacky as you may think that show, this is what I am watching now.  I figured I would start with the original characters from the first season.

Starting off with Mary Alice even though she is not pictured she is the narrator of the show.  She provides the insight.  As for how I compare to her, I often feel like I watch many situations without saying anything, or if I do say something, the people I am watching don’t hear me.  She provides great insight and was so desperate to protect her family that she killed herself.  Granted, I am that desperate to protect my family, I would always find a way without death.  However, without her death, it wouldn’t make for good television.

I am a bit like Susan as I am clumsy.  I often open my mouth and put my foot in it.  I don’t always think things through.  However, like Susan I am desperately in love with my husband. I would do anything for him.  Someday I hope to have a child, and hopefully I can be a mother who does anything for him like she does, even if it gets her into trouble sometime.

As for Eddie, she was the talk of the town, constantly causing drama, and the spotlight was always on her.  Well, I feel that her personality is a greatly exaggerated one of any woman.  Everyone loves a little drama, for some reason it’s part of the human race.  As for me, I hate drama. Although it seems to follow me at times or I tend to fall into it (like Susan) without even trying.

As for Brie, I am not a compulsive neat freak or an amazing cook, although at times I try to be.  I try to be an amazing gourmet chef at times, but I never have the patience to do the meals that she does.  However, she often cooks to hide her feelings or hide from a situation.  I understand that.  I often find a way to hide from things at times.  However, normally running is my escape.

Gabriella is the spoiled rich girl of the show.  I can relate in some ways it seems.  However, I am no where near rich.  With how little I actually make and how much we try to survive on, we make it.  However in some way I can relate about always wanting the pretty things.  Also she married her soul mate.  They’ve had their stumbles along the way.  However, in the end they end up living happily ever after.  My husband and I have no where near the stumbles they have, but they always end up together.  That is simply amazing and I only hope we can be so lucky.

Lynette is the super mom of the group and at times I think I will end up most like her as a mother.  Although I really hope that I don’t treat my husband how she treats hers. I like my “Tom” to be a much more manly man and stand up to me.  Although he really lets her run the household, however, I think mine will let me run, but help me at the same time.  However, Lynette tries to be it all and often beats herself up when she can’t do it.  I am so like that. I know I will be trying to be super-Mom with work, raising kids, running a house, and living my life.  I so want to be that super Mom someday.  And still make time for my amazing husband.

It’s very interesting what you can learn from watching television shows about yourself.  Yes it’s a bit mindless and I am still a fan of getting up and having the adventure, but sometime it can be a welcome escape.


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