to do lists…

21 Feb

Today my to-do list is huge.  However, last night I had the worst headache I have ever had. Light and and little noise caused me to curl up and do nothing. I know I was in a sour mood, but I didn’t want anything to do with anyone.

However, today is my only day off this week. My to-do list is huge and seems to be growing… normally my husband and I both have Monday’s off, but now with his new job, new days off for him, so I have much much more to do…

At least that’s how I feel.  However, here I am sitting, writing a blog, before I even go outside and start my chores!  After chores I have errands to run, etc, etc.  The list just goes on and on!

I feel I would be much more motivated if my headache was fully gone, but it’s still lingering.  I guess it’s time to drink some more mountain dew for the caffeine, pop some Excedrin, and cowboy up…


One Response to “to do lists…”

  1. Princess Christy February 22, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

    Sorry about the headache – I totally understand how they can ruin the day. Hope you have a productive day anyway!

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