splurging for fitness…

7 Feb

Well, Hubby and I have been spending the last 24 hours putting together a professional wardrobe for him. As a girl who LOVES to shop (as most do, well not LOVE, but a decent love for it), it’s  been a bit painful to watch him buy clothing item after clothing item, pants, shoes, shirts, undershirts, you name it, and me get nothing. Not true though, I did buy a $6.00 shirt yesterday from Kohl’s.

However, today, I TOTALLY spent way too much money.  We were hunting for shoes, and it was starting to get difficult.  He didn’t want slide on ones.  However, he did want tie-up ones. At least we got that decided. He didn’t like most dress shoes, as they narrowed at the toes, and he is flat footed, so they hurt.   We ended up at the mall and were wandering through shoe store after shoe department.  We ended up walking into Ecco, and found success for him and for me! It wasn’t the plan, but it worked out that way.  At my amazing husband’s urging, I will be the proud owner of these beauties:

Why soon? Well, they were discontinuing that color, and as for my love of pink, they are being shipped from a store in Miami and should show up at my house soon!

However, they were THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOE I HAVE EVER PUT ON.  I was so surprised when I put them on, I couldn’t resist. Of course that’s what the salesman wanted, I put them on, fall in love, and he has a hefty commission in his pocket!  Well, his plan worked, much to my urging as I just kept going back to them. And again, and again. So even though they were $195.00 plus tax (hey, I got free shipping!), they are mine!

I am SO excited to start my running plan with them as you have to break them in. They are based on the same technology as the Vibram FiveFingers.  Just for harder running and in a classic running shoe form.  They will take some adjusting.

If they are half as comfortable as they were when I put them on, they will be totally worth my investment!  Oh, and if I’ve tempted any of you with my blog post, I dare you to go to an Ecco store and try them on.  Or you can find them online, here.

3 Responses to “splurging for fitness…”

  1. set2music February 7, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

    UMMM I LOVE these!!!!! Definitely would have bought them toO!!! Excited for you!! !

    • faithtrustnpixiedust February 7, 2011 at 11:55 pm #

      I really think I will love them, so I am happy to see how they are once I get a chance to run in them!

  2. Princess Christy February 8, 2011 at 8:43 am #

    I love shoes that are that comfortable when you put them on. That’s why I’m a Skechers girl – they’re like hugs for your feet!

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