proud accomplishments…

4 Feb

Well, this entry is dedicated to my amazing HUSBAND who got  (at least temporary) a promotion (of sorts).  Well, he basically got a new job. New job = more money for our funds!  More Money = much needed for EVERYTHING we are doing this year.

The money will eventually go towards our mortgage payments, however, we will be putting some in savings and saving up for Hawaii.

I am very happy that my husband is excited for this new adventure and I can’t wait to see what other doors are opened for him because of this.

Now me being the wife I am, and we kinda have the relationship where we know EVERYTHING about each other, I want to see where he works. I want to see every little thing about it! I don’t mean to be so controlling and seem so unsure, but I’m just curious and the only uneasy feeling for me is the fact that he will be somewhere that I know nothing about.  I can’t picture him there in my head. I just would like to know, ya know? I know I will eventually visit him at work, but these first weeks of new people, new areas are scary for this wife, and it’s not a matter of trust, it’s a matter of the unknown.

However, one benefit of this job is that hubby needs new clothes! So we will be spending our weekend buying him a working wardrobe, as he will officially not be wearing a costume for the first time in years!



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