simple things…

23 Jan

It’s finally my weekend and even though I worked today (so let’s consider this my Friday night), there are already a few simple things that have made me incredibly happy…

  • Our Weekly Grocery Shopping – There is just something fun about going grocery shopping with my amazing husband. I’m glad that we get to go together the majority of the year! Other things that made me happy this week about it? We saved about $50.00 between sales and coupons (thanks publix for putting the savings at the bottom) and everything we bought was on sale except for four items.
  • Homemade pizza – I love making homemade pizza. It’s one of those little things we don’t do very often.  We’ve been wanting to for awhile, so tonight we had homemade pizza! We made little Italian sausages, added some mushrooms, pepperoni, and cheese along with some mushroom and four cheese spaghetti sauce, and we had our pizza!  It was a bit topping heavy, but ever so good!
  • MyFitnesspal App – We got new Droids last week and have enjoyed exploring the apps.  This app has quickly become one of my favorites. It has goal calories for me, and even though I don’t always reach my goal, I am now a lot more cautious of what I actually DO eat.
  • The Prospect of a Weekend with my Family – It’s the eve of my weekend, and I have the next two days to spend with my amazing little family here.  We have some errands to do of course, but I am SO happy it’s my weekend. I need this one.

Sometimes, it’s just the simple things!


One Response to “simple things…”

  1. set2music January 24, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    I agree! The little things are the things that can always manage to sneak a smile onto your face when things get crazy!!

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