Epic Romantic Cheapish Date Night…

19 Jan

Last night I went out on one of the best “date nights” ever with my husband.  Where did we go?

Here! To Bok Tower!


We have been there two times over the past year.  We loved it. It’s a nice place to escape to nature.  It’s enough to escape and not too far of a journey to get there. It’s about 50 minutes away from where we are in Orlando. We really enjoyed all of our visits there, and have toyed with getting a membership.

However, in the spring, they have  Moonlight Carillon Concert, and last night was the first one of the year!  We went not knowing too much what to expect.  It was $5.00 per person which is half price of their daily admission. The concert started at 7:30pm and was scheduled to go to 8:30pm.   I checked the website and it said the cafe (where we’ve always had delicious meals) was open until 7:30pm, as was the gift shop! The site also suggested to bring a flashlight and blanket.

We left a little after 5pm, and after stopping at Target to buy a blanket (as we couldn’t find one to take) and running into an accident (and some backed up traffic because of it), we made it to Bok Tower at about 6:45pm.  We paid our admission at the gate and drove the distance to the parking lot.   They told us to stop into the visitor’s center before we went anywhere.   In we went, and they told us we could go wherever we wanted.  In the dark!!  My husband and I did not explore much, we stuck to the main path that they had lit with anti-mosquito torches lit.  It amazed us that we basically had free range of the place.

We then stopped at the cafe to grab some dinner as we hadn’t eaten. I tried a tropical salad which was delicious like all the other salads I have tried there.  My husband got his standard of half a sandwich and soups as their soups change daily.  Then off we went up the hill to the tower!

Flashlights were definitely a must.  It was dark, but the full moon helped guide the path a bit.  We got up to the tower, saw some swans that were swimming around the base, and found a place to set up camp.  We then curled up on our blanket and waited for the concert to start which promptly did at 7:30pm!

The concert lasted for the full hour that they advertised.  Also, it had a wide variety of music.  One of which was our wedding song – When You Wish Upon A Star, which we considered fate as it playing! We were meant to be there!  There was something absolutely so peaceful about lying on the ground, under the stars, curled up with the man I love. It was the perfect date.

Of course being the technology driven society that we are a part of, we played with our phones for awhile throughout the concert. We also talked about random things, and quickly decided our main goal was to not get stepped on.  We were DEFINITELY the youngest people at the concert.  There was also only about fifty people there.  I was glad it wasn’t so crowded, but a bit surprised that there weren’t more people.  It was a great value (it’s free if your a member) and a lot of fun!   Definitely a great time to get “in touch with nature.”

We plan on hopefully trying to get to one more of the concerts this year.  If we do get to another one, we are just going to buy a membership, as we’ve already spent more money there than we would have spent on a membership for the two of us!   Also, if we had eaten dinner at home before, it would only have only cost us for $10.  That is one CHEAP date for how amazing of a value the night was.

So if you are ever looking for a unique, cheap, romantic night in Florida, look to Bok Towers!  They have a concert once a month on full moon nights until April!


3 Responses to “Epic Romantic Cheapish Date Night…”

  1. set2music January 19, 2011 at 9:08 pm #

    That sounds like fun!

  2. Denise@TogetherWeSave January 19, 2011 at 9:41 pm #

    Sounds wonderful!!


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