Coast 2 Coast… Halfway there!

10 Jan

This weekend we ran the Walt Disney World Half Marathon!  And we did it!!! We got our Donald Duck Medals!

There were a few scary moments along the way as I forgot my inhaler at home like an idiot.  I need it to run.  However, we didn’t have time to go back to get it, so I was going to attempt to run without it. There were enough medics along the course that I wasn’t worried.  Whenever I felt my lungs start to tighten up we walked.   It worked out, until the end when I started to push myself!

Disney had some great entertainment along the course! A Wedding Singer by the Wedding Pavilion, different Characters to meet and greet and plenty of people to cheer us on.  However, we didn’t want to stop, we just wanted to finish.  Our whole entire goal for this is to get the Coast to Coast Medal for doing the Disneyland Half and a race in WDW.  Well, we are halfway there!  We finished in 2 hours and 49 minutes. We averaged about a 12 minute mile most of the way there.  This is a huge improvement from me when I was younger and couldn’t run less than an 18-20 minute mile!

The last mile I started to wheeze. I’ve always heard if you wheeze, it’s not very good, and an asthma attack is about to start.   I slowed the first time it happened, but then I just wanted to finish and we made a mad dash that last mile for the finish line!   So, it happened again right before crossing. I made it across but then had a quite terrifying moment of me not being able to breathe. I got calmed down enough and we got our medals!  My amazing husband and friends were there to support me.  We looked at the medics, but there was a bit of a line, so we just went to grab all our post race yummies – bananas, oranges, power bars, sprite, water, and powerade, and headed home to get my inhaler.

Once we got home, I collapsed on the couch curled up in my husband’s army blanket and let my inhaler work it’s magic!

So proud of us that we did it. We finished about middle.  Now our goal for the Disneyland one is to do better than 2 hours and 49 minutes!  I’m so proud of us that we finished though! We have until September to prepare for our next one!

Oh, and just before I forget, here is a cool link about the half marathon. You go, Disney!


4 Responses to “Coast 2 Coast… Halfway there!”

  1. Princess Christy January 10, 2011 at 10:41 pm #

    Oh honey! I don’t leave home without my inhaler – every time I do, something terrible happens. I’m trying to figure out how to run with it for the 5K. I’ll probably wear a cross body purse or something – glad you posted this, as it reminded me to think about it!

  2. set2music January 13, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    You guys did great! Hope we can actually meet up/hang up after the next race – see you in California!! =D


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